IBC2018 - Amsterdam 14.-18. September 2018

Her er liste over de firmaene som vi har tenkt å besøke.
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Emotion SystemsWhat does Engine do?
Engine is a software product that processes audio channels within media files, using any combination of the functions listed below.
Loudness Compliance
Channel Mapping and Muting
Dolby E Encoding and Decoding
Dolby E Guardband Correction
Stereo to 5.1 Upmix
5.1 to stereo downmix, and stereo to mono downmix
Audio extraction to WAV
Audio insertion from AIFF/WAV
Advanced analysis and XML reporting
Audio Descriptor (Commentary) insertion using a control track
Increase/decrease the number of audio channels
MultidyneVersatile Video Fiber Transport Frame, SFP/BNC I/O, up to 12G
The VF-9000 is a 1 Rack Unit, very high density video fiber optic transport platform. It has up to 36 optical I/O (18 SFP Ports) and 36 Copper, BNC I/Os. The configuration of input vs. output is configured automatically, following the I/O of the SFP installed. If a dual TX SFP in inserted in a slot, the two BNCs at the back of the slot become inputs. If a dual RX SFP is inserted in a slot, the two BNCs at the back of the slot become outputs. And finally, If a transceiver is inserted into a slot, the two BNCs at the back of the slot become an input and an output. There are no setups or configurations required.
MurrayproTEST CHEST 3G, try out the world´s fastest full-function Battery powered A+V Tester.Generate, View, Listen, Measure & Analyse:- SD/HD/3G-SDI, HDMI, CVBS, AES, SPDIF & Analogue Audio, A/V Sync Test, Cable TDR, fast as a multimeter with INSTANT touch screen control.´NO boot time´, ALL functions in under 1 second."Fully Loaded software", NO ´optional´ extras. Ideal for Engineers, Technicians, Installers & Integrators who need portability, flexibility, with robust Broadcast quality & Integrity.
NTT Electronics CorporationHEVC Multi Channel Encoder
HEVC Codec 4K 120ms Latency
Using an in-house ASIC, HC11000 Series is NTT Electronics` 4:2:2 10bit HEVC multi-channel and 4K HDR real-time encoder. It has the capability to transmit broadcasting quality video images in low bitrate, low latency with low power consumption. HC11000 has the scalable capability from SD to HD and to 4K 60p.

HC11000 series has the necessary functions as well as the promising stability to be used in the Olympics, World Cup, and other World Class Sporting events. It is the suitable solution for premium sports contents. HEVC technology will help reduce bandwidth and save operational cost while maintaining high quality. Also by using multi-channel, it will lower the price per channel.

At IBC2017, we are going to exhibit the multi-channel and 4K decoded images using our real-time encoder and decoder to demonstrate our high picture quality. You will also be able to see both 1RU Full (HC11000) and Half Rack (HC10000) configurations.
OSEE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.XCM-250-OLED features 10-bit OLED display technology with our turbocharged image processing engine.
When combined with our 14-bit 3D-LUT color calibration, the XCM-250-OLED display an ultra-tru 12-bit color depth image.
PerconPatch Panels Rack Accesories Avp Europa HABF-12/10

This robust Hinged Access Bulkhead Frame has been designed for use with T-Bar rack frames as used in mobile installations and is ideal for shallow, space constricted racks in control room environments..

• Standard 19” NEMA EIA-310 rack spacing
• 305 stainless steel & black anodized T6061 aluminum for maximum corrosion resistance
• Supplied hardware is stainless steel, compression latches & clip nuts are cadmium plated
tvONEtvONe har ikke stand på IBC-utstillingen, men, har sitt årlige forhandler/kunde møte i separat rom på utstillingsområdet på fredag den 15. sepatember fra kl. 10:30 og til kl. 13:00, med lunch for den som ønsker det. De blir siste nytt om CorioMASTER og en gløtt inn i fremtiden.
Ta kontakt med oss for invitasjon.
Wohler Technologies IncWohler is still both the first and last word in Audio Monitoring solutions, with a broad range of products that support every format — including IP. We also have a complete range of reliable Video Monitors supporting formats including MPEG2 / MPEG4 and UHD-SDI.
Yuan High-Tech Development Co., LTD Digital Signage
Streaming Media
Conferencing & Collaboration
Image Processing