Antrica Encoders/Decoders
* Near Broadcast
* 80mS Latency
AVP Patchpaneler
* Video Jackfields
* Audio Jackfields
* Universal Panels
Colorado Video Video Analyse
* Manipulation
* Crosshair
* Mixer
* Splitter
* Inverter
Craltech Monitorer o.a.
4K MultiViewers
Quad Split
Deltacast Sport GraphicS
* Live Graphic
* Sport analysis
* IP Workflow
* Sport Events
* Arena Screens
Digital Signage Solutions * Full 4K Player
* Styreprogram
* USB / SD
* 8x IO
* IP
* Osv - Osv
emotion Process/create files
* MOV/QuickTime
* Dolby E (option)
Fibersystem Stockholm
* HDBaseT
* Sikkerhet
* Militær
* Datasikkerhet
IDK Velgere & Matriser
* 4K Video over IP
* Ekstendere
* DVI Matriser
* HDMI analysator
IndigoVision HD Overvåking
* IP Cameras
* Control Systems
* Video Analytics
Kauber Screens & Mounts
* Custom Design
* Lift
* Projector mounts
LanSee Audio & video
* Defence
* Sequrity
* Sound & Light Show
* Aeronautic-
Lumantek Converters o.a.
* Cross converter
* Converter w/monitor
* Switcher
* RTF Testing
Microtronix HD-SDI Bokser
* Text Inserter
* Overlay
* Dual-View
MurrayPro HD-Testutstyr
* Portable
* Eye-Display
* Measurement
Portalis LC Many computers to a single display canvas
* Keypads
* Switchers
* Multiformat
* Media Players
TVOne Skalering o.a.
* Large Venue
* CAT5/6
* HDBaseT™
Wohler Monitorering
* Audio
* Video
XForm Systems Gmbh HD conversion
* Top-of-the-Line
* Up-/Down-/Cross
* Framerate
* Aspect ratio
* Color correction
* Legalizing.
Yuan Småbokser & Kort
* 4 Channel Streaming
* HDMI Converters
* HD Converters
* HD Capture

Velkommen til "Sylskarpe Bilder"

Annerkjent leverandør av utstyr og løsninger til TV- og Videobransjen, samt til Industri og Næringsliv hvor det inngår videosignaler i prosjekter. Solide kunnskaper erhvervet i løpet av mange år med nasjonal og internasjonal produktutvikling, planlegging, installasjon og markedsføring. Firmaet har bygget opp en unik kontaktflate rundt om i hele verden og det er sjeldent vi ikke kan hjelpe kunder med forslag til løsning på de fleste typer av Video-, VGA-, DVI-relaterte problemstillinger.

Siste nytt

SDI to HDMI Converter with Display

You can easy to monitor in/output resolution, cable length and eye-pattern at once. LUMANTEK`s ez-SHV+ has a SDI LOOP output. Through the LCD screen, you can monitor incoming video. By using the `dip switch`, you can select the resolution from 480i to 1080p. You can also control the LCD Brightness and screen ratio.

AC to DC power distributor

This product is a compact and robust AC to DC power distributor: - Composed of 12 x DC connectors - Each DC connectors provides 5v/2,5A maximum

tvONE - CorioMASTER Micro

Use the 1/2 RU CORIOmaster micro to create elaborate and eye-catching video walls in an even smaller chassis. 3-503 CORIOmaster micro offers a new, more efficient approach to building Videowall systems. Using tvONE’s latest CORIO®3 technology, it gives the user access to new levels of video processing power to achieve new heights of creative and dynamic videowall displays. All this is possible in one 1RU, half rack sized chassis. Multiple windows can be used on a video wall to display the physical inputs into CORIOmaster. Windows can be sized to fit the wall or multiple windows added, resized and rotated 360 degrees on the video wall independent of the output rotation. Each Micro can support up to 2 separate videowalls and projector edge-blends with up to 14 windows depending on the source resolution, frame rate and size of windows.

ONErack fra tvONE

Hey rack builders and service engineers! How much do you like wall warts and small devices? How much do you love it when you have one small device like a transmitter, scaler, DA, etc. fail and in order to get it out of the rack you have to cut 50 cable ties, wipe the blood off of 4 new scratches and pray that you haven`t unplugged anything by accident? tvONE has developed a universal rack mounting system for any and all manufacture`s small devices. Different sizes and Different voltages! It even cools them! Throw away the wall warts! Comes in three sizes, 4RU, 5RU, 6RU. It`s called the ONErack. Click here to visit our You-Tube page featuring ONErack instructional videos.

4K MultiViewer fra tvONE

1T-MV-8474 - 4K Multiviewer Seven video inputs 4 x HDMI to UHD 4k/30 2 x DisplayPort to UHD 4K/60 1 x VGA/YPbPr Single HDMI Output Up to UHD 4K/30 Display four windows Choose from 16 layouts Audio Control Input: 7 x Analogue Audio Output: HDMI embedded, 4 x Analogue & 1 x Digital Toslink Audio embedding Audio Delay Control RS-232, Ethernet or remote control